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  馆内设有豪华套房及高、中档标准间 350 余间,内配备有中央空调、闭路电视等设施,装饰豪华雅致,方便舒适。宾馆餐饮部,由名师烹调各种中、西菜肴,可满足不同层次宾客的饮食需求,二十多个装修典雅、风格各异的大、小餐厅、宴会厅可容纳 800 人同时就餐。另有商务中心、医疗室、商场、阅览室、酒吧、舞厅、健身房、民航、火车票代购处、出租车服务处、贵重物品寄存处等为宾客提供各类服务的设施设备,可为来自世界各地的中外嘉宾提供安全、卫生、舒适、方便、快捷的服务。
   Yuncheng Hotel, member of the National. Tourism Hotel socirty, Shanxi Province order hotel concering foreign guests , is a main hotel for Yuncheng.
   Municipal party committee and goverment, receiving guests from home and abroad. It is situated at the centre of Yuncheng city, near by the municipal party committee and goverment , deparitment store post office, hedong show place, rairn station and long distance bus station.In Yuncheng Hotel,there are over 350 rooms(suits).for you sumptuously decorated with central air conditional, closed-circuit- TV, DDD, IDD, Fax and so on. Both of the west and east dining halls, with more than ten halls, bars and banquet hall, can offer 800 seats at the same time. There have bunch of convenient place, for example entertenment centre, business centre, ticket services gymnasium, medical services, etc. effer you ideal room for meeting, business discussion.
   Some flowers and plaits(plaint)make you feel touch spring. Here is an ideal live place for tourism sightseeing, business, investing and search for one's